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  • Denise Lyon

Are You Bored with Your Breath?

At the beginning of most of my meditations I set an intention. This morning I asked for wisdom to arise that would let me know why I don't always take care of myself...why I don't always put exercising or eating better or resting at the top of my list. Why does everything else seem to bubble to the top? Why can't I seem to get everything done. Sound familiar?

So I was expecting (ok, remember Denise...let go of expectations in meditation) to gain a better understanding of self love, self empowerment on a grand scale from the morning meditation. But you know what I heard?

My Breath Awareness Meditation taught me this morning that in every moment we are a part of the incredible life force that animates everything. With every inhale I am inhaling the very same thing that makes the sun rise, that makes a heart beat for the first time, that makes the neon green leaves emerge from the trees in Spring. With every inhale of breath I am honored to be a part of this creation, and with each exhale I have the opportunity to let go of that which doesn't serve judgements about myself, the lies I have told myself about me, my busyness that keeps me from seeing things as they really are...and on and on. Every moment I can remember the miracle that I am and let go of anything that blocks the sunshine. With every breath I can do this. And with this same breath I can be reminded that I am a part of this life force., I AM! the life force that animates everything. I can allow the knowledge and the experience of this miraculous force to be what drives me everyday...that kicks my butt when I forget who and what I am. I exist inside the miracle of the energy of creation.

So I guess I really did gain a better understanding of self love. I have this to remember when I forget.

Thank you meditation.

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