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Massage & Somatic Therapies
M a s s a g e

"I have been getting consistent bodywork for over 25 years. I have received bodywork all over the world.  Denise is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  What sets her apart from most of the other massage therapists, is her focused, intuitive, quiet and certain attention.  It's almost as if she is pulled to the area that hurts and lovingly, but deeply gets in there and brings relief and healing.  But more than the physical aspect of her work, her communication with my spirit is unmatched.  When I get off her massage table, my body feels healed, my mind feels calmed and my spirit feels elated."  
~Carrie Jeroslow, Author and Spiritual Coach, NC

My massage "style" is an integrated blend of modalities that has developed over 25 years of experience and education in the areas of therapeutic massage, mindfulness and meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra, Esalen-style massage, energy healing and many other modalities and interests. My approach is less clinical and more awareness and embodiment oriented. I encourage an environment in which our sessions are mostly silent so that you may be mindful and aware, and that I may facilitate a space of self awareness and healing for you. 

At the moment, my massage appointment book is full with regular clients. I will be happy to put you on my waiting list for a cancellation.
iRest Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

iRest is a modern take on an ancient yogic tradition and an evidence-based transformative practice that can lead to physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. An iRest Yoga Nidra session is a beautiful and mindful way to enter into complete relaxation. You will be lying down, fully clothed and cocooned, while I guide you in intentionally relaxing the entire body, cultivating deep awareness of the physical body, thoughts, emotions, sensations and their changing nature. Yoga Nidra is for all of us who spend too much time "not being" fully present and who wish to move past the perplexity of life and become better acquainted with Essential Nature. This guided practice allows for shifts in perspective, leading to profound healing and transformation.


My heart's desire is that you will make this guided one-on-one experience a regular part of your wellness plan. 

"Yoga Nidra is a yogic technique that helps you investigate all that you take yourself to be - body, senses and mind. It prompts you to inquire: Am I my body? Am I my thoughts? Who am I? These inquiries reveal the changing nature of what you perceive as solid reality, but which is, in fact, constantly changing. It reveals to you that everything about the body, emotions, thoughts and the world is constantly in flux. Yoga Nidra also guides you to inquire into the “I” who is registering the fact that everything is changing - who is it that is witnessing this smorgasbord of changing phenomena?

Through these experiments into the nature of who and what you are, you become less swayed by, or identified with, any thought, belief, emotion, sensation, image or experience. Instead, you witness these changing phenomena without judgement, and without grasping them or pushing them away.

As a result, your habitual ways of reacting to things in life are then replaced by unshakable equanimity, even in the midst of change and uncertainty. Nidra means “sleep” or “changing states of consciousness”, and in the context of Yoga Nidra, it refers to your capacity to abide knowingly as a non-dual, unchanging, and wakeful Presence in the midst of the changing circumstances of life." (from iRest Institute)

A session is 90 minutes of Yoga Nidra, discovery and discussion: $125

Private Meditation Classes & Coaching

A calm and peaceful mind is everyone's birthright. But the many and varied distractions of life often cloud our ability to reside in that space. Meditation and mindfulness practices are the single most effective tools that I have found in my life to achieve that peaceful center from which we all can operate and begin to know ourselves better. The beautiful thing is...once you learn to meditate you will always have this to anchor you. You can meditate almost anywhere and it is freely available to you! I truly believe that, like me, you will find that learning to meditate is one of the best things you ever did. My hope is that you will continue to develop your practice and contribute to peace and possibility...for yourself, and because of you, for the world. 

My CALM Method (Cultivate a Luminous Mind) is a fun, casual series of three sessions that are tailored to beginners and that take the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness. You'll learn the what, why and how of meditation and how to incorporate it into your life. And you don't have to sit like a pretzel on the floor...chairs and/or meditation cushions will be provided. After we complete the three CALM sessions, we can do follow-up coaching sessions on a regular basis or as needed.

CALM Classes (Three 90 minute sessions): $375                Follow-up 90 minute session: $125

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