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717 South Marshall Street

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"I have been getting consistent bodywork for over 25 years. I have received bodywork all over the world.  Denise is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  What sets her apart from most of the other massage therapists, is her focused, intuitive, quiet and certain attention.  It's almost as if she is pulled to the area that hurts and lovingly, but deeply gets in there and brings relief and healing.  But more than the physical aspect of her work, her communication with my spirit is unmatched.  When I get off her massage table, my body feels healed, my mind feels calmed and my spirit feels elated."  
~Carrie Jeroslow, Author and Spiritual Coach, NC


My massage "style" is an integrated blend of modalities that has developed over 25 years of experience and education in the areas of therapeutic massage, mindfulness and meditation, yoga nidra, esalen massage, energy healing and many other modalities and interests. My approach is less clinical and more awareness and embodiment oriented. I encourage an environment in which our sessions are mostly silent so that you may be mindful and aware, and that I may facilitate a space of self awareness and healing for you. 





I offer one-on-one meditation coaching and look forward to offering workshops and retreats when things open up fully. The meditation that I teach is secular in nature and is rooted in mindfulness-based practices and iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation. I believe that everyone can utilize the tools of meditation for a life lived with more clarity and focus, more peace and ease and all the benefits that a daily practice can bring. I am delighted to introduce you to meditation with my three-session CALM class where you'll learn to Cultivate A Luminous Mind! You can find more details HERE.

Massage Therapy
At the moment, my massage appointment book is full with regular clients. I will be happy to put you on my waiting list for a cancellation.
I am taking a brief hiatus from teaching until Fall of 2022!