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Each of us has our own reason for wanting to learn to meditate. Recent research shows that with regular meditation, you can experience these and other benefits...

  • More emotional and mental stability and a deep sense of peace and relaxation

  • More focus and mental clarity and less distraction

  • Creates more present moment awareness

  • Reduced bouts of anxiety and depression

  • Increased self-awareness, self-compassion and self-confidence

  • Relief from chronic conditions such as pain, insomnia, migraines

  • Enhanced immune system

  • Increased DHEA (the youth hormone) and decreased cortisol (the stress hormone)

  • Engaging in life with renewed enthusiasm and creativity

  • Healthier  relationships with yourself, others, your work and life itself

  • More clarity, better choice-making

  • An ability to change your reactionary habits and become more responsive

  • Increased sports performance in athletes

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Reduced habitual thinking and ruminating

  • Heightened social awareness and empathy

  • Deepening of one's faith and spiritual awareness

  • Increased sense of joy, peace and freedom

  • Deepened inner knowing, intuition and self-trust

  • Increased feeling of connectedness to everyone and everything

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